1.     Clients will be required to fill out a waiver prior to arrival for appointment. This can be done by clicking the link HERE, and must be received 24 hours prior to the appointment.

2. There may be some price adjustments due to length of service changes.

3.     Clients will no longer be allowed to wait in the salon for their appointment.  Once you have parked please call the front desk and they will let you know if your stylist is ready for you and when you should come to the door.   The front door will remain locked and no one will be allowed entry unless approved. 

4.     Clients will be required to wear a mask the entire time they are in the salon. If the client does not arrive with a mask (must be a mask with loops around the ears), ZØKU will provide one to use during your visit. Clients will also be provided a clean and sanitized cape/smock for their appointment.

5.     Upon arriving into the salon clients will be asked to submit to a short wellness check and we will require you to wash/sanitize hands immediately upon entry. 

6.     Personal items will be limited to a cellphone/tablet, book, or kindle and a form of payment.

7. Clients should  make arrangements to securely store their credit card info in our booking system when their appointment is booked, and no card will be required on site to check out day of appointment. Gratuities may be done in cash, we just ask that you hand the gratuity directly to your stylist or colorist. Some of our staff also accept gratuities through Venmo or Zelle.

8.     Clients will  be allowed to bring their own beverages or snacks  into the salon.     Clients will remain in the styling chair except as directed by the stylist or to use the restroom. Restroom use will be closely monitored so they can be properly disinfected between each use.

9.  Services will not be offered to children under the age of 8 at this time.  Due to capacity restrictions, children must attend their appointment unaccompanied. Parents, guardians and siblings will be asked to wait outside during the visit.

10.  Clients will be asked to arrive to their appointment alone. If assistance is required to get to and from the appointment we understand, your helper will be asked to wait outside of the salon during appointment and your stylist will assist you while you are in the salon. 

11. Appointments missed or canceled with less than 24 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the booked service.

12. Unfortunately at this time, to limit surface contact, staff in unable to assist with your parking meters. Please download the ParkMobile App to assist you in monitoring your own meter.

13. Due to state COVID-19 concerns and regulations, all retail sales are final.  No refunds or credits can be issued for retail products at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.


1.     All employees will wear a mask at all times during their shift.

2.     All employees will have temperature checked prior to working as well as periodically throughout each shift. 

3.     All stylists will wear a fresh clean mask, gloves and smock for each client. Additionally face shields will be worn when appropriate to provide additional protection. Stylists will wash their hands in between each appointment. 

4.     All aspects of the styling station will be disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant between each client. Not limited to but including: Chair, contact surfaces, stylist tools.

5.     All stations and stylists will remain 6 feet apart. 

6.     All contact surfaces will be disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant between each client contact. Not limited to but including: Front desk, payment machine, door handles, stairway railings, bathrooms.

7.     All stylists will have their barbicide COVID-19 certification on hand.

8.     Whenever possible touch-less equipment has been installed to limit contact points.

9.     Prior to opening and upon closing, all contact surfaces in the salon will be sanitized with a hospital grade disinfectant. This is in addition to ongoing sanitization during the day.

10.  In addition to the air purifying systems that we already had in place that help filter viral particles out of the air, we are installing four Hospital-Grade Active Air purifier systems. These units provide safe, continuous whole room decontamination while fully occupied. It will continuously treat both the air and surfaces of the salon.

11. We are excited to announce that we are now a participating Green Circle Salon. We are committed to reducing waste and being more environmentally conscious.  There will be a small recycling fee added to each visit.